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Snow Sports near Bright

Bright is a great base for a snow trip whether your choice is challenging down hill boarding and skiing, cross country adventure or family fun in the snow.

There are two large ski resorts near Bright, Falls Creek and Mt Hotham. Both resorts are approximately a one hour drive from Bright. Mt Buffalo is also close by and is a good spot for both cross country skiing and snow play. Bright has a number of shops where snow gear can be hired.

Snowboard Jump

Falls Creek

Falls Creek has more beginner-friendly terrain than Hotham and so is more suited to beginner and intermediate riders and skiers.  Falls Creek also has some black runs for the more experienced and normally has the better park of the two resorts for those enthusiasts who like jumps. Another advantage of Falls Creek is that the road only goes to the bottom of the resort so it is easier to drive to in bad weather.

Mt Hotham

Mt Hotham has steeper terrain than Falls Creek including some genuine double diamond black runs and so is more suited to intermediate to advanced riders and skiers. It is also home to some good off-piste options. There are  two good beginner slopes and they are both at the top of the mountain so in good weather the view is fantastic.

Mt Buffalo

Mt Buffalo is a good location for cross country skiing and fun in the snow. It is also the closest to Bright.

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